Below are some selected sources from Chazal, Rishonim and Acharonim that discuss the topic of Moshiach from the maisim.

Sanhedrin 98b – second wide line begins the sugia Mah Shmoi
Maharsha – Sanhedrin 98b
Rashi Ain Yaakov Girsa – Regarding Doniel it states היינו and הוא – Ain Yaakov Girsa of Rashi is based off oldest Spanish version of the Gemoro
Yad Ramah – Sanhedrin 98b – states Doniel is an example of someone that could be Moshiach from the maisim
Abarbanel Yeshuos Meshichoi – quoting Sanhedrin 98b stating: One should not find it difficult that Moshiach will be one who arises in the resurrection.
Rambam Igeres Techiyas HaMaisim – perek vov – Rambam states that Hashem can make a Techiya any time, to anyone he wants even before Moshiach comes. ‘או לפניו’
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